November Comings and Goings…..

OK, so we need to apologize again for the delay in getting out the November update.  We had a very busy month, but did get to do several fun things.  Addie was an absolute treat for the month and even allowed us to spend Thanksgiving at the beach!

Perhaps the most exciting news of the month was the arrival of our 4th niece!  Andy and Rianna welcomed their second daughter October 26 and she is the spitting image of Elena.  She weighed in at 7 lbs, 10 ounces and was 19.75 inches long.  Lindsay was able to fly down to Atlanta with Addie the first weekend of the month to meet her!  Elena and her sister were also great hosts to Addie!  (John was not able to make the trip due to playing a dream golf course with his father!)

The next two weeks were filled with college football for the Day family!  We hosted our annual John’s Day of College Football the second weekend of the month!  Several friends and neighbors were able to make it over for the event and a good time was had by all.  We were given tickets the next weekend to the NC State / UNC game and made it a family affair!  Addie loved the people watching on what turned out to be a perfect weather day!

The grandest adventure of the month was our trip to Gulf Shores, AL for Thanksgiving!  Lindsay’s father and Nancy served as incredible hosts for the event.  We also stayed beachfront with Alan, Robin and Ava for 4 nights.  The first two days saw sunny skies and perfect temperatures!  However, Mother Nature showed her funny side by sending the temps below freezing for some parts of the end of the week.  Regardless, the family time was abundant and it was easy to see all around us everything that we are thankful for.

December promises to be just as fun with Christmas decorating (Addie swears that she will help), Addie’s first birthday party and an extended stay in Atlanta for Christmas!  Please check out the pictures below and we promise to have new updates soon!  Perhaps, pictures of Addie taking some steps will be in the next update!!!!!!!!!


October and November – In Depth

So sorry for the delay in getting new information posted for the changes in the Day family over the last two months!!!!  Unfortunately, this is the busiest time of the year for Mommy and Daddy in terms or work and this year has been no exception.  The good news is that the busy time is now behind us and between us, we had a direct hand in enrolling 400,000+ U.S. employees in their new 2011 benefits.  We are now looking forward to a smooth transition of benefits to when 2011 actually starts!

Addie has been incredible for us over this same time period and has played a large part in keeping us sane over this busy period!  She allows us to have a period of fun and levity after work each day and then all of each weekend.  She continues to be such a happy child and so eager to grow up into a big girl (though mommy is not so happy about this)!  With all of the above said, here is a recap of our last two months….

We started out October with our Tour de Georgia as we call it.  We spent a long weekend in Douglas with Nana, Joe and Jonathan.  Addie loved seeing her grandparents and even got to see cousin Jonathan actively at work at the Dairy Queen (where she sampled ice cream for the first time)!  She spent time in the nursery at First Baptist Church (where daddy spent a lot of time 30+ years ago) under the guidance of her 4th cousin!  The time spent in Douglas was very relaxing and only too short!

From Douglas we headed up to Atlanta to stay in Uncle Alan, Aunt Robin and cousin Ava’s AWESOME new house!  They recently moved out of their home of almost 10 years into a great home in the Morningside area of Atlanta.  Mommy had to go to work during the day, but John was able to stay with Addie along with Mimi (grandmother Donna) and Ava during the days.  We thoroughly enjoyed our daily play time, visits to the park and practicing walking with Ava’s old walker!

The time spent in Atlanta was VERY action packed!  We were able to spend time with new baby Libby Clay (Will and Jenny’s first child!) and tailgate prior to the Ga Tech Homecoming football game against UVA.  We also had a close call with a new cousin potentially coming early and having to baby sit Elena while Andy and Rianna had everything checked out at the hospital (more to come on this).  All ended up being OK that night and Addie spent time with Elena some later in the week!  On the way out of town, we had a quick visit with the Harris family, meeting Hayden for the first time and seeing Houston for the first time in a LONG time.

Once settled back in Chapel Hill, we were happy to take Addie back to Day Care, where they informed us that every child had been through a stomach bug over the previous week (so we picked a good week for a vacation).  Well, they called us that Tuesday afternoon saying that she was sick and we needed to come get her.  And sick she was!!!!!!  She kept the remnants of that bug for the next two weeks and was kind enough to pass along the nasty little thing to both Momma and Daddy!  However, we were proud of her to be able to fight it off and return to her happy self after about a week!

Addie attended her first 1 year old birthday party soon after being given a clean bill of health.  One of her best friends, Bryson, was kind enough to host a part at his house and she played ALL DAY with other children.  She had a blast and was anxiously talking about hosting her own party in December.

It was also right around this time that Addie starting eating on her own!  This was a HUGE day for Mommy and Daddy.  While it started off with only a small amount of a graham cracker, it was now turned into many other small foods and is really making our life a little easier.  Aside from allaying some worries about her lack of placing items in her mouth, it was also huge as it gives us some time to do other things while she eats!  Just a great new development on her part!

The last item that we will discuss in this post is Addie’s first Halloween.  She dressed as Snow White and was the the Belle of the Hall(oween)!  Our neighborhood had a block party where all the children played ahead of Trick or Treating.  After the party, Addie loaded up into her wagon and stayed SUPER excited about the act of visiting each home and getting candy!  She held on to her first piece she received the rest of the night and was simply a hit at each house we visited.

Please see the pictures below for the October portion of our trip!  More to come with our November and the new additions in our lives (literally in one case, from Atlanta)….

Behind on Our Weekly Picture Posts

We apologize for the long delay in posts.  Our little girl is growing up so fast and is so much fun to be around that I find it hard to take time away for posting (especially after being in front of my work computer all day).  We are all doing great and I thought I could just catch up on the weekly picture posts.

There’s a lot more we need to share and will do so shortly- we had a great trip to Douglas and Altanta and are having a blast with our first Halloween.  Most importantly though, we couldn’t be happier to have a new niece- Clara Drew who joined us this week.  She looks just like Elena did and we cannot wait to meet her!  At this point we will have a girl in every grade in high school (Ava, Elena, Addie and Clara).  They are going to be so much trouble!

41 Weeks- I can't be almost 1 year old already!

That says 42

Our little pumpkin

Roll Tide and 9 Months!

We’re having fun cheering for the Tide lately and are playing against Rianna and Elena (er-I mean Florida) tomorrow and will be watching from Douglas.  We hope they scare us less than last weekend and we might also tune in to see the Jackets for a few minutes if I am over being mad at them.

We had a great visit with Pop for the Bama v Duke game.  John threw a stellar tailgate and the weekend was a blast.  Then we spent the weekend in Charlotte for a football bonanza weekend of college and NFL viewing.  Is the football season over with yet?  Seems like it’s about that time…

We’re heading to Atlanta for the week and looking forward to seeing lots of friends, new babies and getting in some good cousin time with Ava and Elena.  Addie is taking the travel in stride and smiling through it all.  At daycare they have been commenting that Addie Day is suddenly a handful.  She’s busy busy busy and into everything.  Seems like she never stops til the end of the day when she just crashes- then we get up and do it all over again!  I still can’t believe she’s 9 months.  She weighed in at 19 lbs last week and she’s still measuring pretty tall.  Now if we can just get her to sit still long enough to eat some real foods…

Roll Tide with my buddy John!

Nick and The O'Haras at the tailgate

38 Weeks!

Family photo in our porch swings

Pop and Nancy too!

We love it when Pop comes to NC

Tailgatin' (before the babysitter came to get me)

Don't forget about The Bear

Mommy got me some new toys and all I cared about was the plastic wrap and the box

39 Weeks (the cheerleading uni did not bring good luck)

Outgrowing my jumper but it's still fun 🙂

Please take note of my mohawk

Mommy gives me the sweetest 'do's

We’ve Been Busy!!

Busy explains the long posting break.  For all our fans (I think there might be one or two of you…) we apologize for the delay in posting.  John and I have been quickly consumed by the busy work season for us that coincides with the start of college football season.  So we’ve been on the go the last few weeks but having a blast with all our happenings.

Addie is busy busy busy.  We both think she’s going to be walking in no time- she’s gone from crawling, to pulling up, to cruising, to standing up all in a matter of weeks.  We haven’t even had time to baby proof so maybe she will just master things before we have a chance.

Here’s some fun pictures from the last few weeks.  Between Bama football, grandparents and friends we just can’t be havin’ more fun  🙂

Look Out World!

Addie Day is on the move.  She started crawling a few days ago and she hasn’t looked back.  She’s fast and furious.  In the same week she also started waving, giving five, pulling up on some things (of perfect pull up height), and had a first tooth break through. 

Our lives are changed forever.  She still delights us in a hundred ways every day 🙂  Pictures to come!

Maybe Gettin’ Some Teeths!

Addie is still trying her best to crawl but not going anywhere very fast.  She’s also working on some teeth we think.  She’s drooling a lot and has some fussy moments that make us think teeth.  Who knows though- we can’t see anything so it’s just the most likely thing we can blame things on (as we used to say…it’s probably a growth spurt).

My mom (Mimi) and Addie and I had a great time going to the beach and Wilmington for a night.  It was a quick trip but we had great weather, had a full day on the beach and ate lots of crab.  Doesn’t get any better than that!

This is why we think teeth...

Checkin out The Mimi

This was right before I pooped in the baby pool

The Coast Guard was at our hotel